West 8 and Nationaal Programma Groningen launch Toukomst 2040

The Groningen National Program has commissioned West 8 as the lead consultant for an extensive community outreach program entitled ‘Toukomst’ in the north of the Netherlands. €100 million has been made available for the development and execution of the ideas submitted from local residents which strengthen the vitality, economy and quality of life in the Groningen province.

Toukomst (‘future vision’ in Groningen dialect) allows all Groningen citizens to present their thoughts for the future of the region. Online now and in the coming weeks, a platform is open for local residents and organizations to submit their ideas. West 8, together with The Groningen National Program office, will develop both an overarching vision and select dedicated projects for further development and implementation. Adriaan Geuze, founder: “We want literally everyone to be able to have their say and make a contribution. We are particularly interested in what the younger generation seeks as they build up their future in this region.”

West 8 will deliver out-of-the box creative and innovative action and energy to the project, based on experiences drawn from our track record of community outreach projects.

For more information on the project (in Dutch) please see the Toukomst website.