West 8 Lecture Calendar – Fall 2019

This fall West 8 will speak at several events. Check out our Lecture Calendar for opportunities to attend.

New York, USA, October 21st
Daniel Vasini delivers a lecture as part of the New York Botanical Gardens’ Landscape Design Portfolios Lecture Series. Daniel will speak on the topic of ‘Landscape Transformations’.
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Amersfoort, NL, October 29th
Edzo Bindels lectures on the design history of Amersfoort Vathorst, one of our oldest (23 years!) ongoing urban design projects.
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Amsterdam, NL, November 2nd
Adriaan Geuze will speak at the 40th anniversary of Nellestein, a lush green neighborhood in Eastern Amsterdam. Geuze will share his ideas on the neighborhood’s qualities and future.
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Dordrecht, NL, November 7th
A talk from Adriaan Geuze in his hometown of Dordrecht about the cultural landscapes seen in the southern part of The Netherlands, particularly those that surround the city.
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Wageningen, NL, November 14th
Adriaan Geuze will deliver a lecture in Wageningen at Nationale Groendag (National Green Day). The theme of the event is ‘Cooperation on Biodiversity’.
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Amsterdam, NL, November 28th
Housing Market Congress, organized by the Metropool Regio Amsterdam (MRA). Adriaan Geuze will contribute with a presentation about the larger spatial and social development of the Amsterdam metropolitan region.
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