West 8 and CGA Awarded Design Services for the Future North Shore Open Space Park Project, Miami Beach

A team comprised of Calvin, Giordano & Associates (CGA) and West 8 have been top-ranked for design services for the North Shore Open Space Park in the City of Miami Beach. Together, CGA and West 8 will further develop the Vision Plan originally conceived by West 8 into a reality. 

The future 26-acre waterfront park at the City’s northernmost end will create a more inviting, iconic and safe amenity, serving the City’s North Shore community, preserving large patches of natural beachfront habitat, and improving access to the waterfront. The team will provide needed improvements including pedestrian entrances, an ocean rescue facility, children’s playgrounds, pedestrian beach access, multi-use walkways, branding, lighting and open areas, while also better integrating the park into the surrounding neighborhood. 

West 8 will lend their world-acclaimed landscape architectural and urban design services in branding, community outreach and the overall design development of the park, while CGA will contribute local knowledge and technical expertise in landscape design, engineering, surveying and construction administration services.  Together, CGA and West 8 have assembled a formidable team experienced in delivering iconic spaces with know-how in long-lived municipal projects.  Working collaboratively, CGA and West 8 intend to transform North Shore Park into a more connected, beautiful and functional landmark that meets the aspirations of the local community and the City. 

The revitalization of the North Shore Park also complements West 8’s current work on the adjacent Eighty Seven Park development. Designed in conjunction with Renzo Piano, the project will bring together architecture, design and the natural landscape to create a coastal sanctuary inspired by the site’s extraordinary setting and the lush tropical landscapes of South Florida. Together, Eighty Seven Park and North Shore Open Space Park project will add new vibrancy and value to the North Beach District.