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West 8 announced as the winner of Gulangyu Island Landscape Masterplan Conceptual Design

Earlier this year West 8 and AECOM were each invited to conduct an in-depth analysis and draw up a Landscape Improvement Plan for Gulangyu Island. In line with the Xiamen People’s Government and Gulangyu Management Committee’s “Beautiful Xiamen” strategy, and building upon Gulangyu’s UNESCO World Heritage application procedure, West 8’s proposal, which was presented to the official selection panel in July, includes a new spatial framework for the island.

The framework addresses how the stories of Gulangyu can be told and brought alive today, and the ways in which Gulangyu can be restored/preserved for inhabitants and visitors to increase liveability and create an enjoyable free spirited island.

On 8th Aug. 2014, the Xiamen Municipal Urban Planning Bureau held an external committee meeting for “Gulangyu Island Landscape Conceptual Design”. The jury, composed of six external experts (Mr. Ma, Mr. Hung, Mr. Bai, Mr. Wang , Mr. Lin and Mr. Lau) and other related organisations such as The Siming People’s Government and Gulangyu Management Committee, announced that West 8 had been awarded 1st place and shall continue to develop their Landscape Conceptual Design for Gulangyu Island.

West 8’s winning analysis and improvement plan encompasses the layered legacy of the island’s landscape, architecture, culture and scenery; its urban tissue and the monuments within; as well as the impact of the increasing mass tourism on the island for the local community. It outlines how the infrastructure and resources of Gulangyu Island have come under strain in recent years. The significant increases in tourism have created an overflow of mass commerce, damaged the heritage elements and undermined the natural beauty and history of the island. 

In accordance with Xiamen People’s Government’s vision of reconstructing a “Noble, Elegant, Livable and Exquisite Gulangyu Island”, West 8 has realized a Strategic Framework Plan “Gulangyu – The Sea Garden Paradise – A Marriage of Heritage & Nature”. The plan aims to restore the historical marriage between heritage and nature and introduce a shift from mass tourism towards sustainable tourism.

The new master plan creates coherency between the different aspects of the island’s heritage so that the cultural, landscape and architectural legacy become parts of the same ensemble. It includes improvements to the urban network, unveils the hidden treasures of the island by enhancing the overall landscape and increases urban nodes for visitors without trespassing on the private space of residents. The design intention is to transition to a model of sustainable tourism by broadening the visitors’ experience on the island and re-balancing the intense use of the urban spaces within the context of the historical landscape.

West 8’s Strategic Framework Plan will be further developed and presented to the client again in the upcoming months.

廈門市規劃局宣佈 West 8 案為《廈門鼓浪嶼景觀概念專項規劃》之優勝方案

廈門市委市政府正著手推進「美麗廈門」 戰略規劃,鼓浪嶼作為建設「美麗廈門」 的『典範和精華』 受到特別重視。自2014年5月起廈門​​​​市委市政府開展《鼓浪嶼景觀風貌專項規劃》的文件徵集,West 8 及另一美國公司接受了廈門市委市政府邀請,為《鼓浪嶼景觀風貌專項規劃》提交方案,以廈門市建設「美麗廈門」 為指導,對素有「海上花園」之稱的廈門鼓浪嶼進行契合定位的景觀風貌進行專項研究,進一步提煉和發掘鼓浪嶼文化景觀要素。 West 8 在 7 月提交了相關方案。 2014年8月8日下午,廈門市規劃局在《廈門鼓浪嶼景觀概念設計方案》評審會中,由馬武定、黃文亮、白家欣、王唯山、林智澤、廖寧等專家及吳振志副局長領導下評定West 8的方案為優勝方案。此後之深化階段將由 West 8 負責。

West 8 從鼓浪嶼歷史文化遺存、現狀建設情況和所處的自然環境特徵,並針對城市空間景觀的演變歷程、現狀格局、影響因素和存在的問題等進行了專題研究。從體現鼓浪嶼典雅高尚品味特質,突出鼓浪嶼文化與藝術的內涵、特性和人文社區的特色角度出發,以通過分析全島空間形態特徵及重要特色資源,發掘、提煉城市的空間景觀要素和總體風貌特色,制定全島風貌特色延續和發展的目標,提出優化城市空間景觀的基本思路,擬定鼓浪嶼整體景觀印象,景觀風貌規劃的策略和實施措施,提出了景觀風貌整體提升建議。

按照廈門市對鼓浪嶼「文化社區+文化景區」 的定位,West 8 的研究方案結合了鼓浪嶼整體景觀風貌特色定位,從功能佈局、土地利用、建築風貌、空間景觀和交通組織等進行梳理和系統構建,深化完善了整體景觀系統。為創造具有標誌性特徵的「海島」空間環境和延續鼓浪嶼特有環境特徵和氣質的空間體驗,以展現其作為高尚、優雅、精緻的世界級文創名島的形象特徵提出了具體模式。其中包括了以下重點項目:

為將鼓浪嶼建設成高尚、優雅、精緻的世界級文創名島,以促進鼓浪嶼成遺的程序為基礎, West 8 將在下一季提交深化方案,為鼓浪嶼申請聯合國世界文化遺產作好最佳準備。