West 8 as keynote speaker at Politecnico Di Milano

Cities are looking for new strategies to deal with sea level rise and events of abnormal natural phenomena; the paradigm of resisting is slowly giving way to a paradigm of adapting. The Thematic Studio of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies(dasta) of Politecnico Di Milano, has invited West 8’s Giulia Frittoli to share the techniques and approaches of West 8 with a lecture entitled ‘Towards Resilient Landscapes‘. The lecture will be concluded with a panel discussion panel on the 1st of April 2016.

How do we define an innovative relationship between the urban and natural processes? Can nature and the city organically coexist in a single system to produce an original landscape figure? Giulia Frittoti will take this opportunity to showcase West 8’s research on how the Dutch have actively created new ecologies as part of their rich landscape tradition. Co-speakers of the lecture include urbanists and researchers Prof. Antonella Contin, Prof. Massimiliano Nastri and Prof. Edward Duncan Wall, a landscape architect from the United Kingdom.