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West 8 Engaged to Design the Landscape Concept for Gulangyu Island, Xiamen

West 8 has been commissioned by the Municipal Planning Bureau of Xiamen to design the landscape master plan and design concept for Gulangyu Island.

Gulangyu Island is located 600m south west of Xiamen Island on the Lujiang River. Covering 1.87 square kilometres the Island has a registered population of about 13,400 and resident population of 16,900.

Gulangyu Island is renowned for its natural island landscape and rich cultural heritage, accumulated over hundreds of years. The Island’s historical architecture (it contains more than 390 heritage listed buildings) has been a contributing factor in Gulangyu Island gaining a reputation as an “International Architecture Expo”.

Despite the beautiful environment, unique architecture and profound historical and cultural heritage the infrastructure and resources of Gulangyu Island have come under strain. Historical development, coupled with a quick increase in tourism, structural changes to residents’ dwellings, the reduction in community functions, damage to heritage elements, an absence of a cultural ambience; an overflow of commerce; clutter within neighbourhoods and an imbalance in development between the Northern and Southern areas of the Island are just some of the problems facing the Island today.  

West 8 has been engaged to conduct an in depth analysis of site, which will address how the stories of Gulangyu can be told and brought alive today and the ways in which Gulangyu can be restored/remain a liveable and enjoyable free spirited island for both inhabitants and guests.

The overall masterplan will be submitted in the coming season.

West 8 展開《鼓浪嶼景觀風貌專項規劃》



當前,廈門市委市政府正著手推進「美麗廈門」戰略規劃,鼓浪嶼作為建設「美麗廈門」的「典範和精華」受到特別重視。因此,對於鼓浪嶼未來景觀整體形象應有更前瞻性的把握和明確。遂開展《鼓浪嶼景觀風貌專項規劃》。West 8 接受廈門市委市政府邀請,為《鼓浪嶼景觀風貌專項規劃》提交方案,以廈門市建設「美麗廈門」為指導,對素有「海上花園」之稱的廈門鼓浪嶼進行契合定位的景觀風貌專項研究。 成個將於下一季提交。