Urban Furniture Collection for Jalisco Mexico

West 8 in collaboration with Guadalajara-based Estudio 3.14 has designed a collection of street furniture for citizens in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Commissioned by Secretaria de Infraestructura y Obras Publicas (S.I.O.P) under the Government of Jalisco, the project brief called for a unique suite of furniture that related to the character and identity of Jalisco but that was also uniformly applicable.  

The result, is the ‘Jalisco Kit’. A custom designed furniture collection by West 8 and E3.14. Featuring different configurations of Terrazzo and colorful steel elements, it is intended to revitalize the streetscapes of the diverse regions and cities in the Jalisco Territory in the coming years. 

The final design is informed by two elements; respect for the local craftsman tradition and trees, specifically the role they play in the general health and wellbeing “Bienestar” of the community. Physical testing of 1:1 Bench prototypes by local residents on several proposed sites was also instrumental in the design process.

The suite of furniture, which contains a whole family of furnishings is also flexible enough to furnish the rich variety of public spaces within the state of Jalisco.

The furniture kit will be implemented in the Spring/Summer 2015 in conjunction with the development of several public space projects in the state of Jalisco.