West 8 in two events at MoMa

From 12 September 2012 until 25 March 2013, Schouwburgplein will be featured at MoMa as part of the exhibition 9+1 ways of being political: 50 years for political statement in architecture & urban design. The exhibition is curated by Pedro Gadanho and is part of the permanent collection rotation in the Robert B Menschel Gallery at MoMa.

9 sections will explore how architects from the last half century, have responded to the ever-evolving conditions of the polis. Schouwburgplein or ‘Theatre Square’, with its bespoke furniture, iconic crane-like lights that visitors can operate themselves, and the trademark hardscape pattern, incorporates Rotterdam’s historical context in its design.  The square continues to play a critical interactive role in the buzzing city and since its inception, the design it has become one of West 8’s most iconic projects. West 8 is proud to be included in this exhibition.

In conjunction with another exhibition at the MoMa, Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900-2000, a symposium “The Child in the City of Play” is organised on Friday, 19 October (1-5pm). West 8 will participate in this symposium which explores the impact of play in urban environments on childhood development. During his presentation ‘Aren’t we all children?’, Adriaan Geuze will explore the aspects of play in the projects Madrid Rio and Governors Island.

Tickets to the symposium can be purchased at www.moma.org.