West 8 led TCLF tours to Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

Preceded by the conference, Leading with Landscape IV: Transforming North Carolina’s Research Triangle, held at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NC State University on April 13, West 8 NY Principal Claire Agre led in the weekend of April 14-15 tours organised by TCLF: ‘What’s Out There Weekend Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill’. 

Claire was one of the experts showing participants of the tours how to re-discover the design history of places they pass every day including: campuses, public parks, industrial complexes, African-American heritage areas, Modernist sites, and an extensive network of trails and greenways. These were free tours of the Research Triangle’s diverse cultural landscapes. 

West 8 has been involved in the landscape master plan development of Duke University West Campus (DURHAM) since 2015, when West 8 was commissioned to envision a world-class sculpture park set amidst the 140 acres of beautiful creeks, valleys and forests that unites Duke’s two campuses and borders Campus Drive.

West 8 Design Director Adriaan Geuze was one of the speakers of Leading with Landscape IV: Transforming North Carolina’s Research Triangle Panel 1 commenced on Arpil13. Here is a tweet (by MaAdams) of Adriaan’s presentation during the event. More event tweets can be found also here.