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West 8 participates in Beijing Design Week, Next City Living Lab

Supported by the Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and the Dutch Embassy in Beijing, and partially sponsored by the Creative Industries Fund NL, this event brings together innovators in sustainable urbanization from China and the Netherlands to explore solutions for a better future.

‘Next City Living Lab’
, debuts during the 2015 Beijing Design Week from 23rd September to 31st October at The Nurturing House, situated in the bustling and historic Dashilar hutong district of Beijing. West 8 has been invited to partake in the event and showcases with an exhibition entitled ‘Sensitive Landscape’.

The Nurturing House by Next City Living Lab marks the fifth consecutive year of The Netherlands’ participation in Beijing Design Week. Organised by ROAM foundation, and curated by Christine de Baan, the 2015 Next City Living Lab aims to stimulate innovation and creativity for a better urban future in China.

This year’s public programme focuses on the theme of “Doing More with Less – Together for a Sustainable Urban Future”. It aims to demonstrate the spirit and strengths of Dutch design, namely: pragmatism, open-mindedness, conceptual thinking and a strong adherence to the credence ‘less is more’.

Apart from the West 8 ‘Sensitive Landscape’ exhibition, the Next City Living Lab also featured a series of public events, including: Networked by Nature – 2050 Presentation and The Nurturing House Conversations. As well as twenty three other exhibitions from leading Dutch design innovators including Delft University of Technology, Droog Design, Pauline van Dongen, OMA Hong Kong, MVRDV, NL Architects and UN Studio.

For more information on the exhibition and many other events related to Beijing Design Week please visit the official website of the Next City Living Lab.

West 8接受邀請以「敏感景觀」為題參展北京國際設計週

北京國際設計週之設計之旅是北京國際設計周聚合社會資源,展示 “大眾創業、萬眾創新” 的設計成果,推動北京文化創意產業功能區協同發展的重要平台。今年 “大柵欄設計社區”,為探索如何利用文化作為主驅動力將過去的社區內群體關係與當今的互聯和智能融合起來,創造出有效的(智能生活)、共生共贏的文化生活方式。

其中由ROAM基金會、荷蘭王國駐華大使館主辦的「未來城市實驗室:培蘊之屋」展館為中荷兩國可持續城市化領域的傑出人士和創意企業在這裡匯聚,敘述故事,展示精品,探討如何為中國和世界提供可持續的未來同時,呈現完美的解決方案。West 8接受邀請,以「敏感景觀」為題參展。

其他參展方包括AIM、北京工業大學、Boon Edam、CBC中國建築中心、大柵欄更新計劃、Droog Design、DSM、Studio EVADELAAT x Carola Design、Kuiper Compagnons建築事務所、熔岩、何新城建築事務所、MLA+建築事務所、MORE建築事務所、MVRDV建築設計事務所、NEXT建築事務所、Niek Roozen bv.、NL Architects建築事務所、OMA建築事務所、Pauline van Dongen、Powerhouse建築事務所、Space & Matte、Henny van Nistelrooy工作室、展望2050項目、代爾夫特理工大學、清華大學、Ubi Gallery、UNStudio、UNIform & U.D.L.R、VenhoevenCS建築事務所。

策展人:Christine de Baan