West 8 participates in Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition 2011

West 8 is invited to participate in the design of the Master Landscape Architect Garden of the International Horticulture Exhibition 2011, which will be held in Xi’an, China from 9 April to 8 October 2011.

The theme of Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition 2011 is “Harmonious Coexistence Of City And Nature “. The Exhibition will create a plant-dominated natural landscape, highlighting the history, culture and local characteristics of Xi’an, displaying the harmonious coexistence of city and nature, andexploring the future development of harmonious coexistence among human, city, landscape and nature.

The Master Landscape Architects Gardens, 18,000 square meters and close to World Famous Patiosand International Gardens, are one part of the International Exhibition Zone. The Master Landscape Architects Gardens are aimed to promote the development of garden art and encourage innovation.The Exhibition Park and the Master Landscape Architect Garden will be permanent.

Following the 1999 Kunming International Garden Festival and 2006 Shenyang InternationalHorticultural Exhibition (IHE), Xi’an IHE 2011 will be the third time that IHE will be held in China. Located in the Chanba Ecological Development District, the Exhibition Park is designed by the Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tongji University of Shanghai. It occupies an area of 418 hectares, divided into 5 Precincts with 107 Exhibition Gardens with different themes. More than 100 cities and institutes have been invited, including more than 30 foreign cities, 40 domestic cities and 30 international horticultural institutes. The number of visitors is expected to be more than 12 million and the total investment will be about 2 billion RMB (293 million USD).