West 8 presented at Kaliningrad Forum for Russian Living Environment

What defines quality and affordable housing? In which houses do citizens want to live and what principles might improve housing conditions? What is the current living environment in the city and how will it change in the future?

Renowned experts, leading architects, developers, businessmen and government officials gathered at the ‘Living Environment: All About Housing Forum‘ on May 18–19, 2018, in Kaliningrad, Russia, to answer these questions and define trends in the development of housing stock in Russia. 

On May 18, architect, Partner and urban designer of West 8 Martin Biewenga presented West 8’s current Dom Sovetov Square project for the first time at Kaliningrad during forum’s Session #4: FROM KALININGRAD TO VLADIVOSTOK.

Together with Strelka KB, West 8 is working on a long term planning of the rejuvenation project of the area in front of the House of Soviets in Kaliningrad: the Dom Sovetov Square. The House of Soviets building itself is proposed to become an office center, and the adjoining public area will be transformed into a park in the center of the city. West 8 is planning to reunite the disconnected green areas, from the park near the Lower Lake up to Kant Island, with a coherent landscape design gesture that reflects the idendity of the Dom Sovetov Square.