West 8 presents at Prague 7 – THE CITY AND THE RIVER – LEFT BANK Symposium

The Left Bank of the Vltava River was formerly used for industrial purposes. Many of the most attractive riverside localities have been neglected, poorly managed or inappropriately privatized. The City of Prague is searching for a long-term vision for developing the potential of the river and its environs. The aim is to coordinate the plans and investments made by the City of Prague, river authorities and private investors so that the area around the river can become a much sought-after public space.

Prague 7, one of the city districts at the Left bank, together with Prague Institute for Planning and Development, DOX – (Centre for Contemporary Art) and the Netherlands Embassy of Prague has organized a series of collaborative conferences and workshops. In the hope of searching for innovative solutions, and gathering advice from cities dealing with the same challenges. These events are centered around community enagement and the participation of a wide group of residents, activists, local and international experts. “A vision for Prague – THE CITY AND THE RIVER – LEFT BANK” is one of such events commenced that took place from November 10-11, 2016.

West 8’s Project Manager and landscape architect, Jelle Therry was invited to join this event and present West 8’s extensive portfolio of waterfront works. Together with the city’s experts, the panel exchanged ideas on how to revitalize the spaces around the Vltava river in Prague, reconnect the neglected public area on its left bank, highlight its rich industrial past, and make the area more livable, fulfilling the demand of citizens for a new green connection along the river. 

Other speakers at the same event included Thérèse Mol from Tilburg, Mirjana Milanović from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Benoit Ernek from SEMAPA, France, Gabu Heindl from Austria and Juan Carlos Montiel from Barcelona, Spain.