West 8 presents at lecture series ‘Landscape, a triptych’ at Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam

Today’s landscape is constantly changing due to the influences of both man and nature. How are nature and culture intertwined? Is there still room for ‘wild’ nature in the modern landscape? What is the landscape of memory? How do we deal with natural and cultural values in landscape? Does the landscape actually have a soul? And what does this mean for nature conservation?

The lecture ‘Landscape, a triptych – 2: Landscape and Changes’ by Astronaut André Kuipers and West 8’s Adriaan Geuze on Wednesday 25th of May 2016, will explore these themes in a dialogue about the underlying meaning of landscape.

Astronaut André Kuipers will give an impressive account of the landscape he has seen from space, while Adriaan Geuze will explore identity in the landscape and speculate on the place ‘wild’ nature has in landscapes of the future.

The lecture series is organized by the Dutch WNF, a branch of international World Wide Fund for Nature, in collaboration with Publisher Trouw. An interview with newspaper Trouw prior to his lecture titled ‘The landscape reflects who we are’, author Cokky van Limpt(only available in Dutch), can be downlaoded here

A link to the photos made during the lecture can be found here. Also a report summary of the complete series of lectures can be found on the WNF’s official website.