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West 8 Profiled in The New Yorker

Adriaan Geuze and West 8 are profiled in the May 16, 2016 issue of The New Yorker, the Innovator Issue. “Play Ground” by Alexandra Lange explores ”how a Dutch landscape architect is reinventing the park.” The article offers an in depth insight into West 8’s work at Madrid Río, Máximapark and The Hills, the culminating phase of West 8’s award winning Governors Island Park and Public Space Master Plan. Developed in close co-ordination with The Trust for Governors Island, the Hills will open to the public this July.

Excerpt from the text
“Reacting to the scale and the setting of Governors Island, West 8 has made a simpler set of design decisions than those in the European parks I saw. The Hills are the big gesture, and everything else—from the curbs drawing you across the ground toward the grove of trees that will one day stand between Liggett Hall and the Statue of Liberty, to the subtle, cutout steel signs, designed by Pentagram—serves that gesture and the superlative views beyond.

“Olmsted manipulated the perspective in a way that Americans have the illusion of the wilderness,” Geuze said.“ Park history is related to illusions, and is not far from the realm of poetry and painting. We work from a certain narrative anecdote or feeling. There are other components—functionality, durability, a timeless component—but illusion is where it starts.”

The profile also covers the design philosophy of West 8 Design Director, Adriaan Geuze, and the firm’s iconic Madrid Río, Máximapark and Schouwburgplein projects. 

Read the full article ‘Play Ground’ by Alexandra Lange from the May 16, 2016 issue of The New Yorker (the Innovator Issue) here.


《纽约客》刊登对 West 8 和 Adriaan Geuze 的专访文章

在2016年5月16号发行的《纽约客》创新者专栏刊登了对 Adriaan Geuze 和 West 8的评论。由 Alexandra Lange 主笔,题为“游戏场地”的文章探索了“一个荷兰景观师如何重塑公园”。这篇文章对west8在马德里里奥公园 Madrid Río,麦西玛公园 Máximapark 以及“山丘” The Hills–West8的获奖项目纽约总督岛公园及公共空间总体规划的最终阶段进行了深入观察解析。这个与总督島基金 Trust for Governors Island 密切合作发展的“山丘“项目将于今年七月对公众开放。


“作为对总督岛场地尺度和设定的回应,West8做出的一系列设计决策比我见过的众多欧洲公园都要简洁。 “山丘”是一个大动作,而所有的其他元素– 从通往将来位于利格特馆和自由女神像之间的小树林的道路铺装图案,到由Pentagram设计的精细的钢切标志,都是为这个大动作以及上面的最高视野服务的。”

“奥姆斯特德用了一种方法操纵了视野,使得美国人(对中央公园)产生了一种旷野的幻境,” Geuze 说。“公园的历史与幻境相关,与诗和绘画也有关,设计的时候,我们会从一个特定的叙述故事或者感觉入手,当然还有其他的组成部分 — 功能性,持久性,以及一个永恒的构件—不过,幻境是所有设计的开始。”

这篇文章还涵盖了West8设计总监及创始人Adriaan Geuze的设计理念,以及公司代表项目马德里里奥公园Madrid Río,麦西玛公园 Máximapark 以及鹿特丹剧院广场 Schouwburgplein  等项目介绍。






全文请看 ‘Play Ground’ by Alexandra Lange from the May 16, 2016 issue of The New Yorker (the Innovator Issue)  点击这里 here.