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West 8 + Snoeck & Partners together with Atelier Roland-Jéol win the competition for the Redevelopment of ‘t Zand in Bruges

On Tuesday the 16th of June, the City of Bruges announced West 8 + Snoeck & Partners together with Atelier Roland-Jéol, as the winners of the competition for the redevelopment of the 8,500m2 ‘t Zand, also known as Het Zand Square, in the UNESCO town of Bruges, Belgium.

The eleven-strong jury, composed five representatives from the City Council and six external experts selected West 8 + Snoeck & Partners design, which delivers a renewed identity for the historic square, as the competition winner.

Of the winning design, jury member and Mayor of Bruges, Mr. Renaat Landuyt remarked that “The plan is revolutionary in its simplicity. It harks back to the site’s original urban situation before the development of the Bruges ring road, and alludes to Marcus Gerards’ 1562 medieval map of Bruges. Today, the former station on ‘t Zand and the Bruges ring is cut in two. Thanks to this plan West Bruges will now be reconnected to the historic center. “

In January, 2015, five design teams were shortlisted from over twenty submissions to compete in the five month urban design competition for the Redevelopment of ‘t Zand, which culminated with a presentation to the jury panel on Wednesday the 16th of June.

“The winning design is not just a roof over a parking lot, its a fully functioning square. The adjacent Concert Hall (concertgebouw) is embedded in stands of Linden trees that connect through to those in King Albert I Park. While the relocation of the existing fountain enables the square to fulfill its function as premier event plaza.” said Mayor Renaat Landuyt.

For the past 30 years ‘t Zand has remained untouched, it was time for a new take on Bruges biggest town square,” said Franky Demon, head of planning at CD&V. “The reconstruction of ‘t Zand  is undoubtedly one of the most important projects in the heart of Bruges. One that demands a well thought out design.’’

Within a few years Bruges’ main square will be transformed beyond recognition. The existing fountain will be removed, the roads realigned and the square interwoven with adjacent King Albert I Park, ‘t Zand will once again be connected to Bruges’ celebrated urban fabric.

West 8 + Snoek and Partners 的設計為重建 t’Zand 中心廣場設計競賽優勝作品

在6月16日, 比利時布魯日市議會由市長朗迪週二與獨立評諮詢審團宣佈由 West 8 + Snoek&Partners 的 【150 株椴廣埸】為題的設計成為「重建 t’Zand 中心活動廣場設計競賽」的優勝作品。此將為新 t’ Zand 中心活動廣場未來提供新方向。

在上一輪簁選中有5支建築師隊伍從200個兢賽伸請中脫泳而出。評審團由前Flemish建築師鮑勃·範禮主導,包括5名市議員及6名專業評審組成。評審團最後選擇了 West 8 + Snoek&Partners 與合作夥伴的作品。

早在2015年1月比利時布魯日市議員迪敏說:「廣場從1982年以來30年未有改變,是時侯為主城區廣場創造一個新的面貌。」 該項目再開發作為布魯日市的心臟地帶中最重要的項目。一個深思熟慮的設計是可取的和必要的。布魯日在聯合國世界遺產名錄有四次登記,是一個獨特的城市。

由於它的位置,正方形的’t Zand中心活動廣場是完全處于悠久歷史的核心網絡中的一個重要環節。已經從中世紀的城市結構廣場平衡地越來越偏離。這也意味著和西布魯日之間產生的屏障。「這個廣場是感覺大而空。」


獲獎設計由West 8 + Snoek&Partners 與合作夥伴成功地將最大可用空間和諧的綜合利用提供必要的均衡,使廣場當沒有節日活動時亦俱有吸引力。

市長朗迪強調 獲獎設計是革命性的簡單:「這是恢復中世紀布魯日的結構,連接 Zuidzandstraat,並撤消在20世紀分隔內部城市的西布魯日交叉路線。此外,這個項目不只是一個停車場屋頂種一些樹木,而是一個完整的正方形廣場,連接音樂廳並嵌入阿爾伯特公園的一些樹木。目前的噴泉將被移至別區,因此 t’ Zand能夠發揮其作為活動廣場的最佳功能。」


也是值得注意的是,t’Zand廣場將成為行人天堂,沒有路面行車交通,朗迪說對 West 8 + Snoek&Partners 的設計很滿意,因將實施的得獎設計是850萬歐元的預算之內。因設計涉及交通改道,其實施時序將取決於交通改道設計的進度。