West 8 Speaks at IBA Hamburg Congress on Pioneer Housing

Christoph Elsässer presented West 8’s Jenfelder Au (formerly known as New Jenfeld) project to the symposium as an example of strategies for sustainable internal development in new residential areas, his presentation was titled ‘Lodging with Foresight’ and explored the theme of ‘Where do we want to live in the 21st Century?’ 

The conference, which took place at the Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg, highlighted four themes around the future of building, housing and life in the city of Hamburg. Specifically, Where do we want to live in the 21st Century? How do we want to build in the 21st century? What will the costs of living be? And who is responsible for the pioneering impetus for building and living in the 21st century? It featured input from a number of renowned speakers from a broad range of disciplines, followed by in-depth panel discussions.

The IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung or international building exhibition) was established to showcase and generate ideas on shaping the future of urban life, as well as a vehicle for real-time research and development. This spirit of innovation prevails in contemporary exhibitions of today.

For more information: IBA Hamburg or the official page of the forum here.