West 8 speaks at Longwood Lecture Series: Grand Ideas that Scale

On May 17, 2016, West 8 New York Principal, Claire Agre in collaboration with Longwood Gardens presents a lecture about the design work at Longwood’s Main Fountain Garden.

The presentation offered an exploration of great garden architecture through the millennia. With an investigation of great gardens’ themes and details-Italian, Baroque, American and the imagined. Finally, the living and dynamic topics of site-specificity, maintenance, weather, and horticultural techniques will be discussed as the foundation to all grand garden design.

Indeed the garden as an art form is broad and powerful, dating from the birth of civilization as we know it, bringing beauty, refinement and storytelling to our everyday lives. Gardens such as the Longwood Garden’s are dynamic and evolve – to stand the test of time, the execution of garden details must provide beauty, adaptability, durability and a compelling human scale over the centuries. 

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