West 8 to join panel at National ASLA Conference

The 1st of October, Jamie Maslyn Larson, principal of West 8 New York, has been asked to join the panel “Getting to the 99%: Tools for Innovating the Usual Public Meeting”, at the National ASLA Conference. The panel will discuss how to aim for both inspired design as well as inspired approach to gathering feedback and building consensus. Both are essential as public outreach has become integral to good landscape design practices.

Jamie Maslyn Larson will speak on behalf of West 8 and she will present West 8’s approach to Governors Island which is set to re-emerge as the next great “world park”: an icon for the city, a beacon in the harbor. West 8 proposed an extensive and coherent design for this 2nd park for New York. This design follows four main principles, namely:

  • Transformation through Topography
  • A Green Island
  • An Island Like no Other
  • A Carefree Island

The last has been developed in close negotiation with the public.