West 8 to present at the international conference on ‘Thinking the Contemporary Landscape’

Landscape finds its roots in the Old Dutch word Landskip, which designates a stretch of cultivated land. In other words landscape is the belaboured making of humans, and has nothing to do with the ideal of an untouched wilderness.

This plain definition of the word can help frame a potential for discussion with respect to a long standing tradition of form-giving on the land. It is essentially by questioning and bringing symbolic expressions of nature back into focus that landscape will resolve the inherent contradiction of its being, namely that of offering the promise of a wilderness where there is none. Adriaan Gueze presents his positions and oppositions in Landscape Architecture at 4.30pm on the 20th of June.

Organised by the Department of Architecture and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the two and a half day conference takes place at the Herrenhausen Palace in Hanover, Germany. The conference features a range of lectures and discussions that will gravitate around the following three main topics: Science and Memory, Power and Terrain, Method and Design.

For more information: Thinking the contemporary landscape