West 8 to speak at FOTOGASTEN #4

The fourth edition of FOTOGASTEN #4(PHOTO GUESTS) took place on Thursday 19th March at cinema and event hall Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam.

FOTOGASTEN is an evening of discussion featuring interviews and visual representation. This edition focuses on the exhibition of “Rotterdam in the Picture | 175 years of photography”. This exhibition, currently on show in the Nederlands Fotomuseum, will form the basis for the evening discussion.

As project architect of Rotterdam Central Station, Adriaan Geuze representing Team CS and West 8 was invited to discuss the image of Rotterdam and what sets it apart from other metropolises. Mr. Geuze will be joined by three other invited guests including photographer Hans Wilschut, psychologist Marina Meeuwisse and journalist Hugo Borst. In their own way each of the guest speakers have been involved in putting the City of Rotterdam on the map or in the picture.

FOTOGASTEN #4 is hosted by Saskia van Stein (artistic director of NAiM / Bureau Europa in Maastricht) and Rotterdam singer Sabrina, who provides a musical interlude in between talks.

Fotogasten is organized by the Nederlands Fotomuseum. For more information and tickets please see also www.lantarenvenster.nl.