West 8 to speak at the IFLA Americas Region Conference

West 8 has been invited to speak at IFLA Americas Region Conference which takes place from the 17th to 20th of October in Medellín, Colombia. Juan Figeroa Calero, architect at West 8, will give a lecture on the 18th October discussing innovation in interventions under the title ‘Second Nature’.

The conference, is structured around a series of dialogs, city visits, exhibits, workshops and open lectures, challenges the invited international and regional panelists to go beyond the concept of borders and explore it as a design opportunity and an environmental challenge; foreseeing a multi-scale approach of design which addresses diversity and landscape resilience.

“Borders: Landscapes on the Alert” is part of the overall events by the International Federation of Landscape Architecture and has been organized by the Colombia Society of Landscape Architecture. The IFLA is an international institute whose aim is to promote and develop landscape architecture and to establish high standards of practice in the region of Latin America.

For more details on the conference, please see www.iflasap2012.com.