West 8 wins Almere Hout Noord competition

The competition entry for Almere Hout Noord West 8 together with Mecanoo prepared for housing corporation Ymere was unanimously chosen by the municipal assembly of Almere as the winning design.

The design for the new development of Almere Hout Noord envisions a socially sustainable residential and office neighborhood, promoting small-scale networks of the different residents. A joint venture between Ymere and the local government will be responsible for the development, the management and exploitation of the new neighborhood. Residents can also join and bring about different initiatives.

Alderman Adri Duivesteijn of Almere stated: “We are convinced by the quality of the plans and like the idea that the corporation – especially now as we are experiencing a economical crisis – will be co-initiator of Almere Hout Noord, where we will realize 4.200 dwellings and 2.500 workplaces”.

Construction works start in 2011.