West 8 wins competition Ecological District Saint-Denis

The winning design of West 8 and ING-Bremond for a new ecological district just outside of Paris emphasizes the insular character of the area. The experience of and the identification with the surrounding water of the Seine is being maximized; the two shores each have in their own way a relationship with the water. 

The design’s objective is to link the different parts of the island together, as well as connecting them to the surrounding areas.There will be a variety of typologies and dwelling forms. It will be a maximal expression of individuality in a rural area, in the middle of an urban environment.
Urban and landscape architects: West 8
Local landscape architect: Mutabilis
Architects: Babled-Nouvert Reynaud, Bouillaud-Donnadieu, Dana Ponec, Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec, Jourda Architects, Peripheriques, Neutlings