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West 8 wins Fort Mason Design Competition

On the 19th of December, Fort Mason Center announced that West 8 has won the design competition for the 13-acre waterfront campus in San Francisco.  The three-month long competition sought creative and practical design concepts to further enliven and integrate the site. The design will enable Fort Mason Center to realize its full potential, both as a vital and stimulating location for arts and culture, and as an attractive destination for enjoyment of the site.

West 8 was selected from an initial list of 15 firms that in July expressed interest in the ideas competition.

West 8’s design calls for seven key strategies that bolster and preserve Fort Mason’s legacy and military identity while activating the water’s edge, improving pedestrian access and parking, and enlivening spaces for expanded public programming and arts. Pier One is reinvented as a publicly accessible art-oriented hotel, while the other buildings diversify programming to create a robust cultural destination centered around lively public plazas.  Waterside improvements bring wooden decks, floating pontoons, and bridges that weave the site together, bring people to the water’s edge, and showcase amazing views of the shore and Bay.

“West 8 and their team demonstrated a deep appreciation of our heritage and a unique vision for our future,” said Rich Hillis, the center’s executive director.  “We are excited to begin working with West 8 to ensure the sustainability of Fort Mason Cetner for the next 35 years.” 

For more information, please see the San Francisco Chronicle and

West 8 贏得舊金山海岸海濱設計競賽

梅森堡中心在12月19日宣布 West 8贏得了在舊金山海岸佔地13英畝的海濱設計競賽。 3個月的設計競賽尋求創造性和實用性的設計理念,以進一步整合海岸用地。設計將使梅森堡中心無論是作為一個重要的藝術和文化,作為一個有吸引力的公共空間目的用地,也能充分發揮其潛力。 

West 8 從最初的15家公司中脫穎而出贏得了競賽。

West 8 的設計激活水邊空間,改善行人動線和停車埸位置,搞活擴大公共和藝術的空間編程,及梅森堡作為軍事用地的歷史身分等多個關鍵策略。一號碼頭將改造為藝術主題酒店,而其他建築物亦以多樣化編程來創建一個強大的文化目的地,圍繞著生動的公共廣場。木甲板,浮橋,橋樑帶來基地的海濱的改善,將人們帶來水邊,並展示的海岸和海灣的迷人景色。

富希利斯,該中心的執行主任說:“West 8 和他們的團隊表現出了對我們海濱傳統的深深的欣賞,其獨特的眼光,為我們梅森堡中心創建可持續發展的未來。”