West 8 wins Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi Sustainable Urban Master Plan, China

On 4th February, the Guangzhou Municipal Government announces that West 8’s entry as No 1 of the two winners of the Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi Sustainable Master Plan competition. No 2 goes to Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute in collaboration with Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten. PDF documentation of the official online announcement can be downloaded here.

Guangzhou Huadi Fangcun (Flower City), located at Southern China, is a former delta land with traditional horticultural legacy of nowadays Guangzhou. With speedy expansion of the horticultural industry, the current scattered and disorganized land use of the area has pushed back the nature and its eco system is severely polluted. The Guangzhou Government is in search of a sustainable solution to the current problem in the era of rapid urban development. West 8’s winning entry provides the city a masterplan with sustainable vision.

The plan has the site area of 2,050 ha. (20.5km2), whereas more than 450 ha. is wetlands area. It consists of new living and industrial environments with ecological water system, wetlands, distinct division of land use zoning, urban planning with a highlight of cultural heritage and a design of an International Flora Expo Masterplan which will function as a focal point and economic generator for the whole development.